My fursuit crush

Got a fursuit to show off? Want advice on how to make one or where to get one? Feel the need to share pictures of your new wolf T-shirt? What about cute plushie or pair of fluffy ears? This is the place.

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My fursuit crush


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This woman is just simply an amazing fursuiter and fursuit maker!
She has the most sparkling personality and I just enjoy watching her play around in suit, she ranges from adorable to downright hilarious! Watching her videos generally puts a massive smile on my face and inspires me to want to do the same as she does.
Sparky Saber

Here is a video of her just being silly in suit while taking a bath to clean the suit

As a person who recently lost someone to cancer I really appreciated this video she made. The amount of fun she was having in suit there just makes me want to jump up, put my suit on and go out.

She is my favorite fursuiter of all time, in my eyes she has the best personality for a fursuiter watching her just makes me happy
I'd rather be fursuiting

Suit up and it will make you feel better
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