Cute handpaws

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Cute handpaws


Post by Sudan Red »

Although I can't take credit for the rest of my Zootopia cosplay, I totally love how the handpaws turned out. I made them using Freakhound's tutorial ( ). It was a learning curve and I deviated from the method here & there (mostly because I was using fleece & not fur). If I ever make them again, I would do some things differently just to make them more user friendly.

If anyone wants to see my "in progress" photos, gimme a shout! Just didn't want to spam you. :)
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Re: Cute handpaws


Post by YoteFox »

Very nice! I like the shape, the plush claws are adorbs as well!
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Re: Cute handpaws


Post by Sev »

I never even noticed the claws, initially. That was probably not the best backdrop to have taken the picture on.

Other than that, though, they look very warm and comfy.
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