DDR 5 Ram - Where we at with it?

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DDR 5 Ram - Where we at with it?


Post by LaShadow »

SO I read somewhere DDR 5 ram modules have been released recently, I have a few questions for all the tech gurus:
  • Around when will supporting hardware be released?
  • How good is upgrading your system(basically building a new pc) for DDR 5 usage, for the average gamer?
  • Should workstation pc owners be interested(designers, editors etc)?
  • And overall, is it really worth to be interested in now?

That's it. I'm not sure why, but I feel kinda hyped for it. But then again it's me >.>
(Btw I'm a retard when it comes to PC knowledge. But I know just about more than the average joe I guess x) )
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