T-shirt design for 2018 con!

Discussions and arrangements for the 2018 Convention
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T-shirt design for 2018 con!


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We're getting closer to the 2018 South Afrifur convention, and as we did last year, we'll be opening up the floor for any submissions for convention t-shirt designs. This year's theme is Wild West, so go nuts with ideas. We're looking for a design that will work best on a black shirt, without too much complex shading or too many colours, and preferably a vector image that we can hand over to the printers. As usual, we'll take submissions, and by around mid June, we'll put it to a vote from the con-goers and then present the winning design for printing.

If anyone has a design they would like to submit, please do so by mid June 2018 at the latest. Email all submissions and designs to scratchwulfe@gmail.com
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