December/Jan 2014/5

For discussion of the South Afrifur Pawdcast episodes.
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December/Jan 2014/5


Post by Ivic_Wulfe »

Hey guys! For those of you who listened last night we have a special podcast coming up from two of our three zoologists (will still confirm with Biff if he'd like to have a crack at it as well!)

But we'll be having a 2-3 week Wednesday and Sunday podcast about animals! We'll be taking questions from the audience, speaking about actual character traits and personalities and maybe even debunk a myth or two! We really hope you may be able to have a listen in live or maybe catch it later here: - all our podcasts are available here for a good listen!

And we have the Youtube site as well: ... LvUUWnPE2g

Behind schedule a bit here but we upload a few on here!

Please come have a listen to what our local zoologist/entomologists and nature managers have to say! If you can't get on mixlr, post your questions here so long and we'll see if we can get to em so that when you do have a listen we'll have answered it somewhere along the line!
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Re: December/Jan 2014/5


Post by Raven Song »

wish my darn phone would let me listen.

darn you technology!!
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