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AI wrote a Guardian Op-Ed

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:26 am
by Rakuen Growlithe
This piece on why we shouldn't be scared of AI was all written by an AI. No bias there. ... icle-gpt-3

It's interesting and potentially worrying how far AI is going. I don't think it's anything like real intelligence yet but there's that potential. Will it be a threat? It certainly could be but I think more worrying at the moment is the risk for spreading misinformation. Even if it's writing isn't perfect, imagine the propaganda potential of a bunch of bots that actually just write articles and tweets that seem like they are done by humans. There are already, reasonably successful, attempts to do this with short messages but if it works with longer messages...

Maybe we will see people give up on the internet for real communication and only use it to communicate with people they validated in real life?