Wolf Springs

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Wolf Springs


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So this is a very random story i've rewritten twice, and finally like where it's going.

yes the main character is called Raven but when i started the story i was still Punk. i think i was setting myself up to be her though :P

anyway so it starts off like a not furry story... but you see later it gets there...

Chapter 1 Part 1

Wolf Springs felt like it was stuck in the frontier days, or at least the eighties. Kids skateboarded around and the newest car in the town was made before the new millennium and belonged to the mayor. The buildings were all built from the trees which surrounded the small town which served as center point to the wolf sanctuary which filled the woods around the town.

Mayor Briscol stepped out onto his patio, which overlooked the main street. The majority of townsfolk lived above their places of work, and he was no different. He breathed in the crisp morning air, as the smell of winter settled in. his wife typed away behind him on her relatively new computer, working on a report he needed for the council meeting that very evening.

His oldest son Bradley stepped out through the door. “See you later dad.” Bradley said, his back pack slung over one shoulder as he jogged down the stairs. His younger brother by a year, Michael, dashed out behind him and climbed into the back of the old red pickup. Mayor Briscol’s twin teenage daughters followed the pair quickly.

At fourteen years old they were becoming a menace to him, often asking when he was planning on building a mall. The town lay three hours away from the nearest major city, a fact that irked the blossoming teenagers. Bradley waved to his father as he reversed out onto the road.

The school lay at the opposite end of the town and though they could all walk the distance with ease, the gathering snow clouds had made them think otherwise. Mayor Briscol’s smile faded as he saw the dark horse of the town ride past aboard her black pit bike, on her way to school.

Raven smiled at him, her eyes dark with makeup. She was the only child of his arch nemesis, owner of the mechanical shop which lay downtown, close to the reserve entrance. Her mother had been a witch, or so it was thought, and many townsfolk believed Raven had taken up her mother’s duties.

Children laughed and shouted as they made their way to the school. The school building stood tall and imposing, the only structure in the town built from brick. The national flag fluttered in the cold breeze alongside the towns flag.

Below the banners stood a large boy who held out a young child by the neck. “Where’s my lunch money dick face?” he shouted, kids gathering around them.

The younger boy, his left eye swelling from an obvious punch stuttered and stammered. Bradley stood beside his brother and watched. He hated getting involved in confrontations at school, afraid of both living up to his father’s career path as well as ruining his chances of scholarship next year.

A hush fell over the crowd as the sound of the pit bike edged closer. Raven parked, sliding the bike stand down and swinging off the machine. She slung her bag over her shoulder, the bully glaring at her.

“Put him down Mason.” She said calmly, walking over to him. His fist trembled as his dark brown eyes flicked back and forth between his victim and the young girl that walked towards him.

“Fuck off bird brain.” He shouted at her, his lips quivering. His heart raced as she slid up next to him. The crowd around them fell into a hushed silence, pupils and teacher alike straining to hear the words she whispered to him.

“I asked nicely Mason. Would you like a new scar to accompany the ones you already own?” she whispered, a black nail running down his spine. He felt the hooks catch on the scars she’d given him once before, when she’d accidently pushed him through a window.

Mason shuddered and released his grip on the boy. “You two freaks deserve each other.” He said, backing away and disappearing into the crowd. Raven leant down and helped Harry up.

“Again?” she said, removing a small bottle from her satchel. She rubbed some ointment onto his swollen eye as he smiled up at her.

“You know me Rae, I’m an instigator.” He said, blushing as she helped him up. Michael slid in beside them.

“Well now that you’ve scared the whole school again Rae shall we get to class?” Michael asked, linking his arm into Ravens. She was much shorter than both boys and the pair lifted her momentarily off the floor. She giggled and pretended to struggle.

Bradley stood at the peak of the stairs, waiting for the last few students to enter the building. His brother stopped at the base of the stairs, glaring up at him.

“Nicely handled Raven.” Bradley said, matter-of-factly. Raven smiled and walked up towards him. She slid a finger down his chest, resting it above his belt.

“Why Mr. Briscol, was that an actual compliment from you?” she said as Michael and Harry slid past the pair. The final bell for registration rang, leaving the pair outside on the stairs.

Snow began falling softly around them. Bradley glared down at the red haired girl who eerily smiled at him.

“You know, I shouldn’t be talking to you.” He said, stepping back towards the doors. Raven laughed and followed him.

“Yes I know, but you like it so why deny it?” she said, stepping into the doorway he held open for her. Bradley smiled and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her back behind the lockers.

“You also know my secret dear child so I have to be nice to you.” He said, burying his head into her hair. He loved her smell, like roses and blood. She laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Heaven forbid I tell anyone about you and Harry.” She said, sliding back into the hallway. She held out her arms and clicked her fingers.

The school sprinkler system bounced to life, flooding the hallway with drops of water. She laughed as the downpour drenched her and she spun in a puddle of water.

“I see why father fears you.” Shouted Bradley over the alarm system. Raven smiled and clicked her fingers again, the water stopping.

The school principal, soaked to the bone, dashed out into the corridor. Raven and Bradley pressed themselves up against the wall as Mr. Podakis shouted out.

“Who did this? Show yourselves you blasted little mongrels!”

Raven and Bradley struggled to suppress their laughter. The sounds of his footsteps faded away down the corridor and the pair quickly dashed to their classrooms. Bradley chanced a quick smile at her as she slid into her homeroom and she returned the kindness to him.
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