I am Ziea

Come in and introduce yourself! Don't be shy now. We don't bite. Expect a few licks though...
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Ziea Halleluja
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I am Ziea


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I am Ziea. Ziea Glory Glory Halleluja
You might remember me... I definitely remember you.
I was verbally abused by some members of this forum and I asked my account to be deleted.
But after it was deleted I said to myself... "maybe come back when you're better"
And... in a way... I am better now.
In fact I have a great job, and I also have my own house, and have come to realise what and who I want to be.
I have a job working with 3d printers... its paying just enough to let me rent my own place.
My own home... its a small 2 room rented apartment... no laundry machine so I go to my parents on weekends to lend their laundry machine... but its home. And I am away from my verbally abusive parents.
And while I have not been able to transition from male to female I have come to realise what I am inside. My body might not be what I want it to be but I am. I think therefore I am. I might not be physically but I think, therefore I can be.

So there.
I am Ziea, the two headed snek. I wiggle and blep and ask a lot for headpats and cuddles while going nya~ and I am very lewd.
I love making 3d models and playing with 3d printers.
But most importantly I keep trying. No matter how dark it gets I still get up after a while and try again.

Now I am going to make a cofefe and work on an airplane for printing.
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Re: I am Ziea


Post by Adagio »

Ohi! Welcome back!
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Re: I am Ziea


Post by Kievvu »

oh my goodness
return of the danger noodle!!
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Re: I am Ziea


Post by Ryall »

Hi Ziea, welcome back.
Hahaha! :lol:
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Re: I am Ziea


Post by Trace »

Welcome back!
"I change shapes just to hide in this place, but I'm still, I'm still an animal" -Miike Snow, 'Animal'
"Where there's life, there's hope."-Terence
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