ZAFur Welcome and Information

This will contain important announcements about ZAFur as well as the site rules. Check in here from time to time to keep up to speed.
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ZAFur Welcome and Information


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Hello and welcome to ZAFur, the South African furry forum. This post should help you get started with the important things to know.

Purpose of ZAFur
The ZAFur forum was originally created as a way to bring South African furs together in one place where they could get to know each other. As the community has grown, it has also expanded onto many other websites. The ZAFur forum is still here as a place where all South African furs can meet but it also serves as a hub which can connect the many different sub-communities and as a place for more lasting, detailed and long-form discussion.

These are the people who can help you with your issues. Administrators should all be able to help you with any issue but do have their own special tasks as well. If your query relates to one of those tasks, it would be best to talk to the administrator in charge of that task. Moderators are there to make sure the rules are followed and that nothing gets out of hand. If you would like to report a problem to the moderators, please use the report post button (exclamation mark icon on the top right of every post). This allows us to track issues and means that the first moderator online will see to your issue.

Ivic_Wulfe: Account registrations, Head of section leaders
Rakuen Growlithe: Forum organisation, Head of moderators, Competitions


Useful Information

Please take a moment to look through the forum rules. These are there so everyone can interact without too much drama.

The 24 hour rule
The ZAFur forum is intended to be a place for all South African furs, regardless of their views. That means you may encounter people with different political, religious or social views than your own. It is fine to civilly debate these issues but, if things are getting heated, we would recommend writing your response and then waiting 24 hours before sending it. This can help prevent unnecessary escalations or rule breaking.

Custom Titles
Some users have custom titles that appear beneath their avatar. These are available on request. If you would like one, please contact an administrator.

The Yiffy Ghetto
The Yiffy Ghetto is a part of the forum for 18+ content. It is only accessible on request. If you would like access, you need to have your age set in your profile and must contact an administrator.

External Community Pages
There are several external places where South African furs congregate for different purposes. Some of these are displayed on the external communities list. ZAFur staff do not have control over what happens in external groups and any problems there should be brought up with the furs in charge of those platforms.
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