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This will contain important announcements about ZAFur as well as the site rules. Check in here from time to time to keep up to speed.
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Forum rules


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The forum rules are a living document and will be changed as needed.
Last update: 14 September 2019

A discussion thread can be found here.

User names
  • We do not allow users to change their own user name. If you would like to change your user name you must ask an administrator (Adagio).
  • Do not create a new account with the desired new name, as this violates the multiple account rules.
  • No embedded videos allowed.
  • Images are limited to 100 pixels high and 730 pixels wide.
  • Images may not be animated.
  • Text is limited to a height equivalent to 6 lines of plain standard-size forum text.
Personal contact details
  • Do not post your contact details (email address, phone number, social media handles, etc.) in an area that is publicly accessible; this is to curb spam harvesting and prevent abuse.
  • Forums that are accessible only by members may contain contact details. This includes:
    • Furmeets
    • The Yiffy Ghetto
    • Venting and Support
  • To display images through a URL, use the [image] BBCode.
  • Ensure your image is available to all forum users, whether they are logging into the image hosting site or not.
  • Do not remove images from the image hosting service one you embedded it in your post, and ensure it does not auto-expire.
  • You may upload images directly into the forum.
  • YouTube videos may be embedded, using the provided tags.
Age appropriateness
  • Ratings are based on the MPAA standard.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the forum age restriction is PG-13.
  • The Yiffy Ghetto is NC-17, although porn is allowed there.
  • In order to be allowed access to The Yiffy Ghetto you need to have your age listed in your profile, and need to request this from an admin. The admins reserve the right to request proof of your age for admission.
  • Do not make posts discussing subjects that are illegal in South Africa. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Bestiality
    • Copyright infringement
  • In certain situations, exceptions may be allowed for academic discussion of currently criminalised activity (e.g. discussion around euthanasia). Such exceptions are at the administrators' discretion and threads that wish to discuss such topics should acquire permission beforehand.
  • During such exceptions, you are not permitted to:
    • Self-incriminate. This means you may not admit to having committed any crime, however minor.
    • Accuse somebody of a crime. We suggest you take it to your local police station instead.
    • Coax, coerce, pressurise, or otherwise encourage somebody to commit a crime.
  • The marketplace exists to allow forum users who want to buy/sell something to make contact. The forum and forum staff can not monitor or mediate any transactions. Any exchange taking place after making contact on the marketplace is made privately and is solely the responsibility of the buyer and seller.
Multiple accounts and Banning
  • You are not allowed to have more than one account on the server, unless you have discussed this with the administrators and received permission for this. Strict rules will apply to such cases, as discussed with the administrators.
  • Having multiple accounts will most likely get all of them banned.
  • If you are banned (temporarily or permanently), you are not allowed to create a subsequent account unless you have permission from the administrators. Ban evasion will not be tolerated.
Venting and support section
  • Due to the nature of this sub forum, trolling posts will not be tolerated. This area is for people to discuss their problems and receive support from the forum. Those that abuse access to this part of the forum will be temporarily, or permanently, denied access to it depending on the severity of the infraction.
  • We do not condone personal attacks and insults directed at other users or of people outside of the forum. If this occurs often or demonstrates a pattern of attacks against one or more users action will be taken.
  • Please do not bring external drama to the forum. We are accepting of people needing an area to vent their frustrations but ask that you refrain from naming people or organisations. This obviously does not apply when discussing people or actions that can be considered public. E.g. Presidents, CEOs, actors and such are clearly public figures. Open letters, statements, articles and such are also public. Your interactions with a furry artist are not public and this is not the place to name and shame, particularly when people can not respond to allegations against them.
  • Attempts to circumvent rules or moderator decisions, such as bans or thread locks, will not be tolerated.
  • Forum etiquette often differs from chat rooms. Double and multiple posting (sequential posts by the same author) should be avoided. The forum will currently automatically merge posts by the same author. This should only be prevented when absolutely necessary, e.g. post-specific limits, addition of very important information that might be missed by editing a current post or when the first post is quite old.
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